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Rain update for Islamabad Rawalpindi

by Adeel Ikram

Rain update for Islamabad Rawalpindi

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted cloudy and partly rainy conditions with possible scattered light showers for the twin cities from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning.

Rain update for Islamabad Rawalpindi

Under this scenario, air from continental origin dominates most of Pakistan while weak westerlies dominate the upper regions of Pakistan.

On Tuesday evening and for two additional days following these weather events, dry and hot conditions are projected across most of the U.S.

Weather will likely remain hot and muggy across most plain regions for much of this month, making living conditions uncomfortable.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday, isolated spots in the Potohar region, northeast Punjab, Kashmir, and adjoining hilly areas, may experience rain-wind-thunderstorms.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday evening/nightfall in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, scattered showers can be expected.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the temperatures in Islamabad should hover around 36-38 Celsius, respectively.

Wednesday and Thursday in Rawalpindi are expected to see maximum temperatures between 35 C and 37 C.

Over the last 24 hours, humid and hot conditions prevailed across most of India’s plains.

Scattered rainstorms were seen over parts of Punjab.

Rainfall (mm): Narowal 04 Nokkundi remains one of the hottest locations in India, where temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius on April 4.

  • On Tuesday morning, humidity reached 48%.
  • On Monday evening, humidity reached 61%.

  • Islamabad experienced the highest temperature at 37 C.
  • Rawalpindi experienced temperatures at its highest point that reached 36 C, recorded as the maximum.

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