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Kanye West wears full-face mask at soccer game with Bianca Censori

by Adeel Ikram

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Kanye West wears a full-face mask at a soccer game with Bianca Censori.

At a professional football match on Tuesday, Kanye West attempted—and failed—to blend in with the crowd.

Kanye West wears full-face mask at soccer game with Bianca Censori

The 46-year-old musician was seen watching the game in Milan with his spouse, Bianca Censori, and completely hiding his face with a black face mask.

He donned a black hooded jacket over his head to match his face-covering outfit.

Censori, 29, dressed for the occasion in a trench coat and black turtleneck, matching her husband’s appearance. She slicked back her dark bob to finish the ensemble.

The pair were spotted wearing similar attire in Florence, Italy, just one day before. But West chose not to wear the mask.

The “Runaway” rapper has reportedly relocated to Italy to work on a new clothing line with Censori, whom he married in December 2022.

Although West has always been a lover of face masks, he has been wearing them even more recently.

The Yeezy creator most recently made waves at the 2024 Super Bowl by donning an antique Alexander McQueen mask with a three-dimensional white cross placed between the eyes.

Before that, on February 2, he was seen in pictures at his son Saint’s basketball game while sporting a white mask that looked similar to Jason Voorhees’ from “Friday the 13th.”

In addition, West donned a mask reminiscent of Jason Voorhees on the cover of his recently released album “Vultures 1.” In addition, Censori is shown on the cover looking away from the camera and hiding behind a tiny piece of cloth.

The four-time parent, who has children with Kim Kardashian, seemed to be sporting the same facial covering when he made an unexpected appearance at Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus Tour event in Orlando, Florida.

Kanye West attends a ceremony honoring Charlie Wilson with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, Jan. 29, 2024, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard ShotwellIn addition to his striking appearance, West gained notoriety lately when he declared he was on the verge of bankruptcy due to criticism for remarks he made in late 2022 against Jews

He told TMZ last week, “I was two months away from going bankrupt, and I put everything I had into it,” about the popularity of “Vultures 1.”

“We relocated to Italy. We relocated to the factories and made it through. We made it through the postponement. He declared, “We’re back No. 1,” alluding to the fallout from his comments, which included his label dropping him and him losing many major commercial agreements.

Despite some of its dubious lyrics, such as the line “And I’m still crazy, bipolar, antisemite / And I’m still the king,” “Vultures 1” is presently number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

The Grammy winner has not shown any regret despite the criticism he received for his divisive remarks. He told TMZ, “They have the right to their opinion; I have the right to mine.”

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