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All-New Honda CG125 Gets 77 Changes and New Sticker

by Adeel Ikram

All-New Honda CG125 Gets 77 Changes and New Sticker

Atlas Honda recently unveiled their “all-new” 2024 CG125. On its exterior, all that distinguishes this new model from previous incarnations is an updated sticker design.

All-New Honda CG125 Gets 77 Changes and New Sticker

To demonstrate that their new bike truly represents innovation, the company listed “77 improvements.” These upgrades include:

The compression ratio has been raised, as has the carburetor design to maximize airflow; new pistons; updated crankshaft assembly with increased bearing life; refreshed head/cylinder design/engine assembly (CHRA/CYLR); refreshed crankshaft assembly with more excellent bearing life (CSHA).

Refreshed piston design for more airflow (New pistons; revised crankshaft assembly/ CHR assembly); refreshed crankshaft assembly for smoother running (crankshaft assembly has also been restored); the combustion chamber has also been revamped as has pump-oil drive system to optimize gear timing drive system.

Points that provide reinforced mounting points for the engine are provided here.

Atlas Honda recently unveiled an “all-new” 2024 CG125 that only differs superficially with regards to the design of its sticker.

The company has listed “77 improvements” on this new model to demonstrate that their motorcycle is genuinely new. These upgrades include:

Innovations for engine building include an increased compression ratio and new carburetor design with better airflow; refreshed crankshaft assembly; revised head and cylinder procedures; revised combustion chamber designs; newly available gear oil pumps for gear oil use and timing drive devices, reinforced points for engine mounting as well as reinforced points to strengthen mounting points (altogether four innovations!).

From an outsider’s perspective, changes may indicate improved performance and reliability. However, they don’t mean anything and won’t create significant differences between old and new models. Be wary of false rumors.

Honda have upgraded the Special Edition model with features of their Gold Edition version:

Speedometer in black and gold color scheme complemented with front emblem in gold, updated seat stitching design with the gold stitching thread, gold-and-black sticker covering the rear exhaust cover as well as side exhaust covers in gold hue, as well as back exhaust cover in gold-tone are some features seen throughout.

White blinkers in the clear. Since the company has not increased prices on its motorcycles for some time, CG125 SE and standard bikes now cost approximately Rs 234,900 and Rs 282,900, respectively.

Atlas Honda has long been established in Pakistan as the top motorcycle producer by sales and production figures, yet their dealership also sells essential museum pieces today.

Atlas Honda recently unveiled an array of price increases despite boasting 90 percent local manufacturing of their bikes. Still, the popularity of their bikes remains strong due to a limited choice for customers.

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