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Zong 4G Announces Mr. Huo Junli as the company’s new Chairman and CEO

by Adeel Ikram

Zong 4G Announces Mr. Huo Junli as the company’s new Chairman and CEO

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s premier telecom service provider, recently made headlines when they appointed Huo Junli as its Chairman and CEO – marking a historic leadership change at their organization.

Zong 4G Announces Mr. Huo Junli as the company's new Chairman and CEO

Huo Junli was officially appointed CEO and Chairman of CMPak for over five years under Mr. Wang Hua’s watch before being appointed successor at CMCC to take up new responsibilities within their company. Mr. Huo succeeded Mr. Wang Hua, who subsequently accepted another appointment within their organization CMCC to assume new responsibilities within CMCC as Vice-Chair.

Mr. Huo Junli

“Mr. Huo Junli holds an MA in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunication and an MBA in Business Administration from Xi’an Jiaotong University.”

Huo Junli boasts over 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry and began his telecoms career at China Mobile Shanxi Province Company in 1997, holding notable leadership roles such as NOMC/IS Department Head. By 2017, Mr Huo had also successfully leaped into being both a board member and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Huo Junli expressed his excitement upon being appointed the Chief Executive Officer at Zong 4G, exclaiming: “I am immensely excited about taking on this new chapter at Zong 4G! Zong 4G has developed an impeccable record in pushing boundaries, meeting challenges head-on, delivering exceptional results over its 15-year existence, and producing remarkable outcomes every step of the way.”

I am committed to leading our efforts toward excellence and playing an essential role in expanding and developing the telecoms industry per the goals for “Digital Pakistan.”

Zong 4G looks forward to Mr. Huo Junli’s visionary leadership as they aim to maintain exceptional services in telecom and be at the forefront of innovation.

His extensive knowledge and experience make Mr. Huo an excellent candidate to lead his company into an exciting period of expansion and digital innovation.

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