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Best Shark Movies on Netflix That You Must Watch

by Adeel Ikram

Best Shark Movies on Netflix in 2023 That You Must Watch

best shark movies on Netflix

Are you an admirer of best shark movies on Netflix? Look no further; here we have assembled the best ones available on Netflix.

An Army diver waging war against an extinct megalodon, this action-packed thriller boasts some spectacular acting by Jason Statham and is sure to keep audiences gripped throughout.

List of Best Shark Movies on Netflix

If you are looking for the best shark movies on Netflix, then you are at the right place. Here is the list of Trending shark movies that you must watch.

  • The Shallows

Are you looking for the best shark movies on Netflix? This film is an absolute must for fans of shark movies. Packed with suspenseful thrills and gripping suspense, its plot follows a surfer who is attacked by a shark; featuring Blake Lively. Great movie to enjoy with friends on Friday nights over popcorn!

Though its rating on IMDB may not be too impressive, this movie is an outstanding thriller with some really gory shark attacks. Not too much unnecessary gore; just enough to make you jump every so often. The plot may be simple but the acting and animation of sharks makes the film very realistic. Director Eric Gaubert knows exactly how to scare an audience!

This movie tells the tale of a dimwitted fish with lofty ambitions: He embarks upon an unlikely mission of defeating an iconic great white shark linked with organized crime – who also happens to have close ties to his family. This hilarious comedy offers plenty of great character development as well.

It offers an unconventional twist to the genre of shark movies, offering an entertaining viewing experience and boasting some excellent visual effects. The sharks themselves are well-animated, while there’s both action and comedy included within.

This classic film from years past still holds up today. A timeless horror flick that’s frightening yet not overly gory with some unforgettable quotes and an ending that may disappoint some viewers, it remains an excellent piece to share with friends and watch together.

  • The Meg

Are you interested in the best shark movies on Netflix? The Meg was released to theaters in 2018 and quickly became an instantaneous box office success, grossing over $530 million worldwide. Starring Jason Statham as scientists investigating an exploration of ocean floor.

The Meg is about their encounter with a 75-foot megalodon shark from prehistory that threatens their exploration efforts. While critics had mixed responses for this action flick, critics generally enjoyed its throwback B-movie feel.

Now, five years later, The Meg is getting a sequel. The Meg 2: The Trench will hit theaters August 4, and promises to be even larger than its predecessor. The first trailer shows Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) exploring the ocean floor along with his team before discovering an enormous Meg. But that was only just the start!

Mana One crew took advantage of a whale call to disorient and dissuade Meg from attacking, wounding it with submersible and stabbing it in its eye causing bloody bleeding that attracted modern day sharks who feasted upon its dying body.

Ben Wheatley helms The Meg 2 with his vast filmography which includes psychological horror Kill List and black comedy Free Fire as well as action movies Knives Out and Domino.

Alongside Statham, The Meg 2 stars Sienna Guillory, Wu Jing Cliff Curtis Shuya Sophia Cai Skyler Samuels Page Kennedy along with newcomer Sergio Peris-Mencheta who rounds out its cast.

  • Sharknado

Are you looking for the best shark movies on Netflix? The Sharknado movie first hit theaters in 2013 and quickly became an international cultural phenomenon.

A spin on tornado movies, this flick features an insane storm which brings sharks swarming into the streets – killing anyone they encounter! Cheesy yet entertaining at once, its special effects, acting, plot and campy style will certainly satisfy fans of bad films alike!

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming continues the franchise’s tradition of outrageousness, featuring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as Fin and April, a couple who encounter shark-filled tornadoes wherever they go. Additionally, this film introduces time travel allowing Fin and April to visit dinosaurs, take part in Revolutionary War events, and fight robot sharks!

This film marks the conclusion of the Sharknado franchise; however, there may still be another installment later if its viewership numbers remain strong for SyFy. Although unlikely, since Ziering and Reid won’t return as co-stars.

The Last Sharknado is an effective way to end the franchise, and a fitting conclusion to an absurd series. The final episode airs Sunday, August 19 at 8 pm ET on SyFy – watch below to watch its trailer!


Best 2023 Netflix Movies

  • Seal Team

Are you interested in the best shark movies on Netflix? Cute seals in this animated movie fight back against sharks with razor-sharp teeth in this animated flick, led by Fearless Seal Quinn and her team of misfit recruits led by Fearless Seal Quinn to reclaim the open sea from predators such as Jaws.

Jessie T. Usher, J.K Simmons, Matthew Rhys, Kristen Schaal and Seal all voice roles here! Puns aside, this entertaining take on Navy SEALS provides plenty of heart and humor – an enjoyable take that captures what Navy SEALs would actually go through during training!

Paramount+ has already greenlit season 6 of SEAL Team military drama series Paramount+ has already greenlighted season 6, which premieres Sunday September 18th with new episodes coming weekly.

Regulars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., A.J. Buckley, and Toni Trucks are joined by Raffi Barsoumian, a Syrian immigrant who is an expert on the region’s powerful figures.

Regular cast member Raffi Barsoumian plays Senior Chief Omar Hamza, a veteran SEAL mission leader and the son of Syrian immigrants who is extremely knowledgeable about his team’s missions.

Bravo Team embarks on another arduous mission as they head into Middle Eastern territory to rescue an American citizen and his family, before flying out to North Korea to secure the release of captured American hostages.

However, when Clay, one of their top snipers, becomes critically ill with unknown prognosis, his teammates must pick up the slack while searching for answers about a mysterious past – while this sixth season marks a first for this series as Lieutenant Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) joins their ranks as commander – marking another first!

  • Sharkdog

Are you interested in the best shark movies on Netflix? After 10-year-old Max’s parents refuse to allow him to get a pet, he finds the intriguingly-named Sharkdog and attempts to keep him hidden from view within his bedroom – only for him to become too loud, messy, and fast for that. Before long his adventures begin disrupting Max’s homelife.

Sharkdog, intended to appeal to children ages 6-11, offers silly yet energetic humor with diverse characters. Though not academic curriculum-based, the first season includes 20 episodes that each last 7 minutes long.

Jacinth Tan of Singaporean animation studio Jacinth Studios created this series, who also worked on Disney’s Oddbods series and Antiks.

She initially pitched it to Nickelodeon under their global Animated Shorts program; winning this competition before ultimately being picked up by Netflix to be distributed worldwide starting April 2020.

As much as Sharkdog caters to children, adults will also enjoy its fast-paced animation and humorous script. Parents should be mindful that there may be minor content which parents need to be aware of, such as slapstick violence and references to flatulence.

Overall though it should be safe for their children. Parents are recommended to preview each series prior to letting their children watch it.

The first season is currently available and a Halloween special is in production, while a second season should be released sometime between 2022-2025, continuing the story from season 1.

Expect high-quality animation with similar plot points compared to season 1, as well as continuing Max and Sharkdog’s adventures! It will be thrilling to witness what comes next for Max and Sharkdog!

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