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Top 10 Horse Movies on Netflix which you should watch

by Adeel Ikram

Top 10 Horse Movies on Netflix

Horse Movies on Netflix

Are you looking for horse movies on Netflix? Horses are magnificent animals that captivate people everywhere and are beloved pets worldwide. Their stories of perseverance make them the ideal subject matter for movies.

No matter your mood or taste, these top 10 horse movies on Netflix will satisfy every equine enthusiast.

Are you searching for horse movies on Netflix? Here we will discuss top 10 horse movies on Netflix. For an emotionally moving tearjerker, look no further than Netflix original movie Unstoppable: The Story of Rodeo Barrel Racer who defied odds to become one of the world’s premier rodeo barrel racers in an industry many thought impossible for her.

While Black Beauty has often been adapted in various forms, this one stay true to the book’s message: an account of natural and manmade disasters, villainous plots, and noble heroes.

It focuses on the bond between humans and horses, even when that bond is compromised due to neglect or abuse, and should appeal to horse enthusiasts of all ages. Starring Devan Key and Amanda De Vos – this movie will touch your soul while reminding you of an undeniable connection between two hearts.

  • Flicka

If you love horse movies on Netflix, you’ll certainly enjoy this one! It follows a girl and her horse as they both seek redemption – an adventure which will leave you with an uplifting sense of hope while strengthening the bond between humans and horses.

Flicka follows a young girl as she discovers and tames a wild Mustang on her father’s Wyoming ranch, naming it Flicka and embarking on adventures together as she attempts to prove herself worthy of his approval. Alison Brie plays Sarah – an introverted girl passionate about both horses and crime shows who finds it increasingly hard to distinguish reality from fantasy as her dreams begin to seep into real life – making this movie an exciting psychological thriller!

  • Roped

Are you searching for horse movies on Netflix? Here we will discuss top 10 horse movies on Netflix. Netflix can boast Oscar-nominated films as well as bad made-for-TV flicks like Roped. Since it released quietly on May 3, however, subscribers have taken notice of its hilariously bad made-for-TV flick. People looking for something silly and lighthearted!

Roped stars Josh Swickard, best known to General Hospital viewers as Harrison Chase; Lorynn York is best-known as Danielle from Dear White People TV series and both actors co-star in this movie together.

This film follows a cowboy as he moves into a small town where its citizens despise rodeos, where his lover has an unpleasant upbringing and battles to gain approval of her guardians. A heartwarming tale about overcoming hardship and finding true love. Don’t miss this inspiring film on Netflix that will warm your heart!

  • Dreamer

If you love horse movies on Netflix then you are at the right place. Young equestrians will love this feel-good movie about second chances. Documentarian Debi follows her journey as she trains a seemingly forgotten last chance horse that breaks its leg during competition and together, they help it recover, inspiring a whole new generation of riders along the way.

No matter its slight profanity or brief mention of breeding procedures, this film is an absolute hit among young viewers who love horses. Additionally, it highlights family togetherness and the healing powers that horses possess for people – the film won’t leave viewers grumbling like some tween films, yet will likely leave horse lovers cheering and crying together! Starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning as delightful leads makes this an essential viewing for all horse-lovers!

  • Emma’s Chance

Are you searching for horse movies on Netflix? Here we will discuss top 10 horse movies on Netflix. This movie about a young girl and her horse is inspiring and moving. Based on the classic novel National Velvet, this tale follows a girl as she falls for an unruly gelding named Rocky who helps her realize she can achieve greatness through belief in himself and in their partnership. This lesson reminds viewers that horses can accomplish amazing things if we trust in them enough.

Greer Grammer stars in this family-friendly drama set at an iconic Southern California horse rescue ranch. A high school student assigned community service there forms an attachment with one of its horses that had previously been mistreated, thus leading them into trouble at school.

Jana’s determination to pursue her dreams of becoming a champion barrel racer despite her physical limitations is inspiring to viewers of all ages, and 49% of proceeds from this movie go directly towards caring for horses is also amazing!

  • Horse Girl

If you love horse movies on Netflix then you are at right place. Alison Brie stars as Sarah, an awkward 30-something working at a craft store and caring for Willow, her childhood horse. But then weird events begin occurring around her that make her question whether reality is truly what it seems to be.

Beginning as an unconventional take on Napoleon Dynamite, The Horse Whisperer slowly shifts towards darker territory thanks to Brie’s powerhouse performance as Sarah. Brie sells Sarah’s awkwardness and kindness perfectly, keeping this film grounded even during more unexpected turns and leaps in its plotline. If you love horse movies and psychological thrillers alike, this should definitely be seen!

  • A Champion Heart

Did you like horse movies on Netflix? Rodeo fans will surely appreciate this movie about a little girl and her horse she wins in a raffle, their relationship, training together and eventually competing together in races – it has earned itself an IMDb rating of 5.4/10!

This Netflix original movie follows Amberley Snyder, an esteemed barrel racer who suffered an accident that could have derailed her career. Based on true events, this is an unforgettable tale sure to inspire any horse enthusiast!

Best Shark Movies on Netflix

  • Free Rein

Are you searching for horse movies on Netflix? Here we will discuss top 10 horse movies on Netflix. Free Rein is a Netflix original movie which follows Amberley Snyder, an elite barrel racer. When an injury threatens her career, she must fight to reclaim it.

A 15-year-old from LA spends her summer with her mother’s hometown family on an idyllic island off England’s coast, befriending an unusual horse named Raven at Bright Field Stables.

Horses have long been a beloved presence in movies. Ranging from noble hero-saviors to comic relief, horses have always been beloved characters that provide entertainment and insight into our connection to animals. So sit back, enjoy these films featuring them! – this touching tale about love, loyalty, friendship and sacrifice must-sees for everyone!

  • A Sunday Horse

Are you searching for horse movies on Netflix? Here we will discuss top 10 horse movies on Netflix. Horses have long been an iconic presence in movies. From stunning creatures that inspire awe to quirky comedic relief, there is sure to be an enjoyable horse movie for everyone!

A Sunday Horse is an inspiring movie about a girl who must find her inner strength after experiencing hardship in her life. This film offers advice for following your heart and never giving up on your goals.

Mandy Renner stars in this emotional Netflix original film about a teenage girl struggling with grief after she is betrayed by popular girls in her new town. To cope, she seeks refuge at a horse sanctuary where she bonds with an injured horse who helps heal both their hearts.

  • Vanishing Knowledge

Are you searching for horse movies on Netflix? Here we will discuss top 10 horse movies on Netflix. Horse movies are well known for portraying tales of perseverance, commitment and strength – often featuring majestic horses but sometimes also depicting them in ways they are treated poorly.

This family-friendly movie follows a young girl as she develops her relationship with her favorite horse. Though not boasting the highest production values, its story will touch your heart deeply.

This heartwarming film follows Amberley Synder, a barrel racer who endures a paralyzing injury, on her journey back into competition despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Any horse enthusiast should watch this moving tale! It is truly inspiring!


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