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Best 5 Smartphones Under 40000 in Pakistan

by Adeel Ikram

Best 5 Smartphones Under 40000 in Pakistan

Best 5 Smartphones Under 40000 in Pakistan Mobile Phones of the Year Many Pakistanis are willing to spend less than PKR 40,000 to get the newest smartphone. Smartphones are what we do the best today. This site is for you for those of you who don’t want to wait for months. This year has seen the launch of the greatest mid-range smartphones, as these devices are among the best on the market.

Best 5 Smartphones Under 40000 in Pakistan

As of right now, you’re only allowed to buy specific devices. Since I’ve used a few different smartphones this year, these are the five that I’ve liked the most. You’ll find many opinions on the subject in the comments section below your list of the top cellphones under 40000.

Five of Pakistan’s Best Smartphones for under $40,000.

The Poco X3

The Poco X3 Midrange smartphone from Xiaomi has just been unveiled. Many people were taken aback by the smartphone, which is the latest in the X line. A new Poco X3 version from Poco does not resemble the Redmi version already on the mobile phone market. The new X3 includes a single front-facing camera instead of the dual-camera setup of its predecessor.

Although the display has improved, a 6.67-inch IPS panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate is still available. The smartphone has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Refresh rates of 120 Hz will increase gameplay for everybody who wishes to participate in the activity. A protective layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 shields the screen from damage.

Switch to the phone’s more advanced functions now. SMC7150-AC Snapdragon 732G is equipped with Qualcomm’s X3 processor, enhancing phone performance. ROM and RAM are each six gigabytes in size. Poco X3 has a massive battery, so you can use your phone for hours. And this is just the beginning. The primary camera on the Poco X3 is a 64MP rear quad. There are videos of 4K@30fps, 1080p@30/120fps, and 720p@960fps accessible here.

The Poco X3 has risen to the top of our list because of its unique features. It’s one of the most significant new cellphones under $40,000 released recently. There isn’t another smartphone in this series with these features at this price point. You may also be eligible for a discount if the total is slightly higher than $40,000.00. However, it is the only phone on our list with a reasonable buffer between it and the next closest one in the rankings.

The Realme 6

Realme has a history of innovating with each new phone it releases, and the Realme 6 is no exception. The Realme 6’s colour designations, Comet White and Comet Blue, appear inspired by the device’s comet-like shape, left out of the gradient.

The device will be equipped with a four-camera setup. A 64 MP wide camera has an 8 MP wide sensor, while a 2 MP macro sensor has a resolution of only 2 MP (depth). Users will create 4K@30fps files. The front shot has a resolution of 16 megapixels.

The Smartphone specs are also quite remarkable. Android 10 is the operating system the Realme 6 is running, making it the most recent version. Powered by the Mediatek Helio G90T chipset, the smartphone’s overall performance will improve.

The display has an IPS panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The screen’s resolution is 1080 x 2400. Realme 6 includes a fingerprint reader on the side, an added layer of security. Storage options include 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. The Realme 6 is currently available in Pakistan for PKR 36,999/-.

However, despite our second-place finish in Realm 6, we still have many to be proud of. The chipset, battery, refresh rates, storage capacity, and camera are excellent.

The third is the Infinix Zero 8

It’s hard to argue with the new Infinix Zero 8’s eye-popping design. This phone’s vast and visible rear-facing HD camera is an eye-catching feature. We’re puzzled why we didn’t notice this distinct visual difference from other smartphone manufacturers.

In addition to its renowned look, it includes several impressive features. There’s an in-built display with a 90-Hz refresh rate IPS. 1080 x 2460 cm is the resolution of the phone’s screen, and it has a 6.85-inch screen. It operates on the most recent version of Android, Android 10.

The primary camera is a quad-camera system of 64 megapixels, as described above. That would be beneficial if you shot your videos in 4K at 30fps. Selfies taken with the dual front camera are likewise more detailed.

An excellent gaming chipset is also included in the Zero Eight, the Mediatek MT6785 Helio G90T (see below). This phone has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. The smartphone has a 4500 mAh battery on the smaller side. Included in the PKR 39,999/- is Zero 8—one of Infinix’s best phones to date, under $40,000.

Infinix Zero 8 and Realme 6 have many of the exact specifications. Because of its lower battery capacity and higher price, the Realme 6 has been placed in third place.


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In fourth place is Tecno Camon 16 Premier.

Announcing the new Camon 16 Premier name, Tecno demonstrated that it would be one of its best-selling regular mobile devices. The finer details are stunning. The Tecno Camon 16 Premier has many impressive features that put it at the top of the smartphone heap.

The phone has a 6.90-inch touchscreen with 1080 to 2460-pixel resolution. Tecno Camon 16 Premier comes with 8GB of RAM. The phone is powered by a 4500mAh battery and runs on Android 10. In terms of rapid charging, the Camon 16 Premier does it all. Mediatek MT6785 Helio G90T processor is also included on the phone. Mobile phones are blazingly quick thanks to the chipset.

Regarding its cameras, the Camon 16 Premier has two 64-megapixel cameras on the back and two 8-megapixel cameras on the front. There are also two additional 2-megapixel cameras on the front and back—things considered. In addition to a 48-megapixel primary camera with an F/2.2 aperture, the Tecno Camon 16 Premier has an 8-megapixel camera with an F/2.2 viewing aperture.

A MicroSD card can increase the internal storage of the Camon 16 to a maximum of 128GB (up to 512GB). Connectivity options include 802.11, GPS, and Bluetooth v5.00 for mobile Internet. It has an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and unique sensor for the mark. The light sensor is one of the essential sensors on the phone.

This smartphone has occupied the fourth spot on our list because of its high-end features. As a result of its low beverage rate and display, the phone could not make the top 3.

Phones like the Vivo Y51s.

Y51s, Vivo’s intermediate back, is likewise outstanding. When seen, the smartphone displays an IPS screen. Probably Vivo’s best smartphone to date under the $40,000 price point. The display has a 1080 x 2408 pixels resolution and is 6.6 inches tall. However, the refresh rate isn’t 90 Hz, as previously stated. Pre-installed on the Y 51 is Funtouch OS 11, an Android-based operating system.

Compared to other smartphones on the list, the SDM665 Snapdragon 662 chipset included in the smartphone isn’t robust enough. The primary camera has a resolution of 48 megapixels and is part of a trio. You can shoot 4K videos like previous phones in this series. The selfie camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels.

Storage space is adequate, with 8 GB RAM and 128 ROM. DESPITE ITS LOW PRICE, Vivo Y51 has a substantially larger battery capacity than any other smartphone in this price range. The new Form C charging port is also present in the phone.


Everything on this list meets or exceeds your requirements. These gadgets are a great way to get information at a low cost. To get the best results, you should compare the characteristics of the most popular cell phones on the market. It’s like having a flagship phone at a fraction of the price.

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