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Best 5 Emerging South Asian Startups in 2022

by Adeel Ikram

Best 5 Emerging South Asian Startups in 2022

Best 5 Emerging South Asian Startups in 2022 the world of startups is expanding exponentially. Every day, we come across new startups that are making our world a little bit better, an inch at a time, every single day. Startups can provide valuable insight into the current consumer market and the relevant services and products dominating the world.

Best 5 Emerging South Asian Startups in 2022

We seek innovative ideas to help you positively influence the consumer market in 2022. Here are some of the most profitable businesses to look out for in the coming year.

1) Pakistan’s airlift mission

A newcomer to the scene, Airlift has just become the buzz of the town after completing their first round of investment in the south Asian region, totalling $85 million. The company, formerly engaged in the transportation industry, is now prepared to serve the e-commerce consumer market.

They are currently stationed in eight main cities around Pakistan. Whether groceries, medications or other items, Airlift will have them delivered in 30 minutes or less. They intend to expand into other industries, such as electronics and are well on their way to being the dominant force in the e-commerce business.

2) Healthwise is a website dedicated to health and wellness.

Healthwise. Pk is a digital healthcare business to make health more digital and accessible to all people worldwide. The startup is now active in Pakistan, where it provides services to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers.

Healthwise is a SaaS firm specializing in hospital management information software, laboratory information management systems, pharmacy management systems, and practice management systems. They also offer online pharmacy services and online doctor consultation services.

The startup’s goal is to establish a healthcare ecosystem in Pakistan, and it is currently serving on various fronts. Healthwise is devoted to offering a comprehensive healthcare solution that meets the needs of both consumers and healthcare providers in one location.

3) Bakeys are a type of pastry.

Bakeys is an Indian startup whose mission is to reduce the negative impact of pollution on the environment. Bakeys is well-known for producing environmentally friendly silverware. A cure for the severe side effects of plastic pollution has been found in this way.

Plastic pollution can adversely affect the environment, so environmentally friendly items are in high demand. Bakeys has taken the initiative to make ecologically friendly cutlery from natural ingredients and flours that are biodegradable and have no negative influence on our environment.


Unacademy is an Indian startup that started as a YouTube channel. It is now a successful business. The current market capitalization of this educational technology-based corporation is US$3.44 billion. Initiated by Gaurav Munjal after uploading a video of variables to YouTube and receiving an overwhelming response, this Edtech firm has grown to become the largest online education startup in the world.

Years of adversity, they have transformed this little firm into India’s most recognized educational technology company. A range of programmes available through Unacademy can assist students in passing competitive tests.

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5) Byte Array

Food is yet another large industry, and several food companies have recently arisen in the United States. For example, a byte is a food business based in Lahore that aims to make meal delivery more accessible and financially viable.

They have created a consumer-based internet firm constructing an on-demand platform to provide good delivery. The byte is poised to affect the consumer market, with several other local businesses already achieving success.

The bottom line is this:

Startups have remained a topic of conversation and will continue to be so in the future. Because it possesses the world’s largest consumer market, the South Asian market, in particular, is a hotspot. These businesses and many others are doing quite well and setting new trends.

If you are anxious to deliver this newness to the world and have the bravery to do so, these startups and many others have set the bar exceptionally high. If you want your efforts and investment to be worthwhile, make sure to learn from the mistakes of others. There are lessons concealed in the travels that are only highlighted.

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