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Honda CG 125S 2024 Gold Edition Launched

by Adeel Ikram

Honda CG 125S 2024 Gold Edition Launched

Atlas Honda recently unveiled their 2024 model Honda CG125S, which now comes in a gold Edition featuring their Nawee Patti logo (notice how this year’s shape remains identical, while some upgrades were claimed over last). Atlas Honda claims some improvement to this year’s bike over last.

Honda CG 125S 2024 Gold Edition Launched

Honda claims they have implemented 77 enhancements this year on their Honda CG 125 2024 and 200S 2024 motorcycle models, providing riders with an entirely different riding experience. Both bikes share similar designs in terms of design and form.

Honda CG 125S 2024 Gold Edition Price in Pakistan

It costs Rs 282,900, equivalent to any of its counterpart models, such as the Red or Black edition.

Technical Specifications, Honda CG 125S Gold Edition: Here are its specifications:

Noteworthy is the difference in appearance of the Honda CG 2024 125S gold Edition from other models and color variants, especially its overall look, which distinguishes itself from regular 125 models and color options.

Furthermore, Honda’s 2024 125S Self Edition gold Edition adds another distinct appearance option to their lineup of 2024 bikes with gold accented details on all parts and displays – something only seen here with this bike type!

People want something distinctive from the rest, and what better way than with an eye-catching golden motorbike cruising through Pakistani roads? What are your thoughts on the Honda CGC 125S 2024 Gold Edition? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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