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iPhone 13 PTA Tax in Pakistan Latest Update

by Adeel Ikram

iPhone 13 PTA Tax in Pakistan Latest Update

iPhones continue to dominate the premium segment of mobile phone usage worldwide; Pakistanis are quickly adopting this flagship phone brand, known for its high-end features and affordability.

iPhone 13 PTA Tax in Pakistan Latest Update

Apple recently unveiled its next generation of iPhones, and the phones are still popular today due to their advanced features, top-of-the-line hardware, and intuitive user interfaces. iPhones from Apple remain miles ahead of Android devices in terms of display and processor power, as well as premium hardware features that set it apart among top models.

Consumer demand for Apple phones is rapidly increasing – and older models, such as the iPhone 13, are now sought-after by those unable to buy more recent releases.

iPhone 13 PTA Tax With Passport 

Models Tax on Passport
iPhone 13 Rs118,380
iPhone 13 mini Rs113,665
iPhone 13 Pro Rs133,158
iPhone 13 Pro Max Rs137,873

iPhone 13 PTA Tax With CNIC 

Models Tax on CNIC
iPhone 13 Rs142,868
iPhone 13 mini Rs137,682
iPhone 13 Pro Rs159,124
iPhone 13 Pro Max Rs164,310

iPhone 13, with its massive price tag and accompanying taxes such as Customs Duty, Sales Tax, and Regulatory Duty charges, as well as Federal Excise Duty, has drawn considerable taxes from governments around the globe.


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