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ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages Price

by Adeel Ikram

ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages Price

Pakistan will get a brand-new SIM card for phone calls and texts. Yes! When the Onic SIM comes out, it will be the start of a new era in the telecom business. It has cheap prices and plans, and if you sign up on the official ONIC website, you can have the SIM card sent right to your house. It’s easy and quick to sign up.

ONIC Sim Pakistan Packages Price

A lot of people think that Ufone SIM has a company called Onic SIM that is part of it. On the other hand, Onic has not made this claim public as of right now. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today.

Our talk will be about the Onic SIM Price in Pakistan, as well as the different plans that this new network offers and other important facts. In short, the people in charge of this network have turned on (opened) the organization’s formal website and social media packages. But no one knows yet how much these SIM packages cost or when they will be available.

Information about the Onic SIM card

As you know, all telecoms networks need their towers so they can give their customers a better level of service. On the other hand, Onic is a telecom operator business that has been around for a while. Because of this, it will need to work with other networks to get its information to where it needs to go.

If not, the people in charge of Onic will have to use a satellite to send the messages from their network. But this is still only the second step. We need to talk about the prices and plans for this SIM card. So, to sum up:

Price of a new SIM card

The people who work for this data network have not said how much this SIM card costs. But from what we know, an Onic SIM card will only cost between 100 and 150 rupees.

New SIM Packages and bundles

This network will give every possible type of daily, weekly, and monthly call, internet, and SMS package, and it will do so here. Also, to get as much attention as possible, the new packages of this SIM card will be sold at prices that are both fair and low compared to what other companies are offering.

  • Trying out 123 Plan 30 days, 500 minutes, 30GB of data, and all networks.

  • 1000 SMS (for all networks)
  • Price of Plan: Rs.123/-
  • Biometric At the time of arrival, there will be a bill: Free Delivery Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad,
  • The number of the original SIM card is free.

Every single SIM card that Onic makes starts with the serial number 0339. Users who want to buy a new SIM card can do so online by getting the ONIC app from the Google Play Store and installing it.

The Google Play Store is where you can get the ONIC app. You will only have to pay a total of 150 rupees, and it will be sent right to your door a few days after you place your order.

We made a movie about this topic in which we talk about the price, codes, and bundles of ONIC Network, among other things. Here is where you can find the movie.

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