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Zong Call Packages 2022

by Adeel Ikram

Zong Call Packages 2022 – Zong Call Packages 2022 Daily, Monthly, Weekly Codes

Users of Zong can access this website to look up Zong Call Packages 2022 Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Codes. Customers of Zong can take advantage of some enticing promotions. A customer can make low-cost calls, send SMS messages, and utilise the internet to communicate with other customers on the same network or other networks.

Zong Call Packages 2022

If their sim card is from Zong, today’s call has taken the place of personal meetings, and everyone enjoys the convenience of call packages. Zong has introduced the Zong Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Call Packages to accomplish this goal. Activating these call packages is as simple as entering a single code, which is provided on this post’s right-hand side and placed in front of each box.

Large numbers of calls can be made with the Zong Monthly Call Package 2022. Additionally, checking Zong Remaining Minutes in Zong Sim is available, and you can use this feature to determine how many minutes are left on your Zong Sim and avoid losing your balance.

Daily, monthly, and weekly codes for Zong Call Packages in the year 2022

Every day, every month, and every week, Zong users offer Zong Call Packages to their valued consumers using codes. All Zong customers can choose from a variety of call packages available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, depending on their demands and usage requirements. Activating any of these daily, weekly, or monthly packages is also possible; the necessary information is provided below.

Daily Call Packages from Zong until 2022

Customers of Zong can take advantage of the Zong Daily Call Packages. These daily call packages are the ideal Zong call packages for consumers who make calls regularly but on different days of the week. Check out Zong’s Daily Call Packages to see whether you can activate a call package that will last for 24 hours. These call packages cover the Zong numbers.

Package Name  Volume Package Price  Validity  Subscription Code
Zong Daily Shandaar offer Unlimited Zong calls
800 SMS
50 MB Internet
RS 14 1 Day *999#

or Write PAK and Send to 5225

Zong Super Student Bundle Unlimited Zong Calls+
1 GB Internet for 2 hours
RS 9 1 Day *5555#
Zong Hello Package 150 Zong Minutes
150 SMS
50 MB Internet
RS 13 One day *2200*1#
Zong Flutter Bundle 120 Zong Minutes
120 SMS
50 MB Internet
RS 12 One day *369#
Zong Full Gup Bundle 75 Zong Minutes
100 SMS
30 MB for Whatsapp
RS 5 1 Day *118*1#
Zong Sixer Plus Unlimited Zong Minutes
500 SMS
RS 8 1 Day (except 6 pm to 6 am) *666#
Zong Non-Stop Offer Unlimited Zong Minutes RS 10 1 Day (except 7 pm to 10 pm) *777#

Subscribers to the daily offer will also receive 1MB per day.


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Weekly Call Packages from Zong in 2022:

Customers can also choose from a variety of Zong Weekly Call Packages available at various prices. Customers can choose from various weekly call packages that include free minutes between Zong networks and between Zong networks and other networks. These seven-day call packages are the perfect option for consumers who want to activate a new call package every week.

Package Name Volume Package Price Validity  Subscription Code
Zong Haftawar Load Offer Unlimited Zong Minutes, 80 All Network Minutes
Unlimited SMS
9GB Internet
RS 250 Seven days *70#
Zong All in One Offer Unlimited Zong to Zong Minutes,
40 Other Network Minutes, Unlimited SMS, 3GB internet
RS 200 7 Days SMS “Weekly150” to 6464
Zong Shandar Haftawar Offer 500 Zong Minutes,
40 Other Network Minutes, 500 SMS
500 MB Internet
RS 120 Seven days *7#
Zong Super Weekly Offer Unlimited Zong Minutes, Unlimited SMS, 30 GB Internet RS 340 Seven days *225#

Subscribers to the Weekly Offer will additionally receive 150 SMS every day.

Monthly Call Package for the Year 2022

Customers can also take advantage of Zong Monthly Call Packages 2022, which are available now. These are the most advantageous Zong Call Packages. Various call packages are available, and customers can choose whatever package they want to use. All of the specifics of these packages, including activation codes, package costs, and other information, are listed below.

Package Name Validity Charges Validity Subscription 
Zong Supreme Offer 5000 Zong Minutes, 300 Other Network Minutes,
5000 SMS, 12 GB Internet
RS 1000 30 Days *3030#
Zong Supreme Plus Offer Unlimited Zong Minutes, 600 All Network Minutes, Unlimited SMS, 30GB Internet RS 1550 30 Days *1500#
Zong Monthly Mehran Offer (For Sindh) Unlimited Zong Calls,
2 GB Internet, 200 SMS/Day
RS 500 30 Days *2345#
Zong super card Unlimited Zong Minutes, 180 Other Network Minutes, Unlimited SMS, 6 GB Internet RS 675 30 Days Dial *6464# and press 4
Zong Monthly Pre-Load Power Pack Sim 1000 2000 Zong Minutes, 150 Other Network Minutes,
1500 SMS, 500 MB Internet
RS 1000 30 Days *1313#

Subscribers to the monthly deal will additionally receive 500 SMS every day.

People Have Also Asked

What is the best way to obtain free minutes on Zong?

By dialling *45#, you can receive 20 free Zong to Zong minutes.

What is the best way to see how many minutes Zong has left?

To see how many free Zong minutes are left on your account, dial *102*3#, and the number of remaining minutes will appear on your screen.

What exactly is Zong’s Supercard?

Make it work: Dial *6464# and press 4 and 3 consecutively. Now, reply with 1 to confirm your subscription.
Hourly usage is as follows: 2500 minutes on the network and 150 minutes off the grid, 2500 SMS, 2500 MB of internet usage, 1 GB of YouTube usage, unlimited Whatsapp usage.

  • Validity is for 30 days.
  • Charges: Rs. 650 per hour

How do I take advantage of the Zong Gup promotion?

  • *118*1# is the subscription code.
  • Fees: Rs.5 inclusive of tax
  • On-net Minutes: seventy-five
  • SMS number: 100
    Unsubscribe from 1181 by sending an email to unsubscribe@1181

What is the best way for me to check my Zong Haftawar offer?

  • *70# is the activation code.
  • Volume: 2500 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS, 2.5GB Internet Validity: 7 days Volume: 2500 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes
  • Fees: Rs.250 per hour

What is the most cost-effective call package for Zong?

The following are the most affordable Zong call packages for the day, week, and month ahead of time.

Offer for Zong Daily Shandaar:

Volume: Unlimited Onnet minutes, 800 SMS, 50 MBs, and unlimited email. Activation Code: *999# Zong Weekly Call Offer: Charges: Rs.12, Validity: 1 day, Activation Code: *999# Zong Weekly Call Offer: A list of terms and conditions is provided below.

Terms & Conditions:

  • These call packages are only valid for calls made within the National calls.
  • Standard rates will be charged for foreign networks and other local networks in the area.
  • The call setup charges are Rs.0.15 (Rs.0.15 per minute).

Users of Zong can look up Zong Call Packages 2022 Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Codes on this website, which Zong provides. An individual can subscribe to any packages mentioned above on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The activation code for each of these programmes can be found on this page.

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