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Rs 100 Prize Bond List 2022

by Adeel Ikram

Rs 100 Prize Bond List 2022 – Online Check Draw #37th Hyderabad Complete Details

Rs 100 Prize Bond List 2022 the Prize Bond Rs 100 Draw List was held on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, in Hyderabad, and the winners were announced. The State Bank of Pakistan has released the list of winners of the Rs 100 prize bond 2022 draw, which took place in Hyderabad on February 15, 2022.

Rs 100 Prize Bond List 2022

Those who win the first three awards will be awarded by the National saving representative, according to a statement released by the State Bank. As reported by the National Savings Representative, the 1st reward, which consists of one Rs. 100 Prize Bond, has a cash value of PKR Rs 7,00,000 and is awarded to one lucky winner.

The second prize, which is valued at Rs 100 in Prize Bonds, is worth PKR Rs 2,00,000 and is divided among three lucky winners. The third reward, which is a Rs 100 Prize Bond, has a cash value of Rs 1000. This sum is distributed among 1,196 participants, with Rs 1000 being handed to each lucky winner.

Prize bond list 100 draw 

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 100 Hyderabad 15-02-2022 700,000 PKR 200,000 PKR 1,000 PKR

The 37th draw for the prize bond, worth Rs100, was announced today in Hyderabad and will take place on February 15, 2022. According to the SBP, the first lucky winner would receive a prize of Rs700,000, while three awards of Rs200,000 each have been earmarked for the second and third place winners, respectively. In a similar vein, the third reward of Rs1,000/- will be granted to each of the 1,199 winners who have qualified for it.

Prize Bond Rs 100 Result of Draw # 37 can be found on the internet.

  • By entering their prize bond number in the field provided below, prize bondholders will be able to view the list of Rs 100 reward bonds.
  • You will receive a list of results hereafter inputting the first six digits of your prize bond number.
  • Simply scroll down the list of results for Draw # 37 to get your prize bond number, if you were the lucky winner of a prize.


Prize Bond Schedule 2022

Prize Bond Winner Number: 

  • 1st Prize No: 904546 – 1 winner
  • 2nd Prize No:  259751 – 074566 – 885455 – 3 winner

Third Prizes of Rs.1,000/- Each:


Rs100 Prize Bond List


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