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Punjab Govt Approved 25000 Educators Jobs

by Adeel Ikram

Punjab Govt Approved 25000 Educators Jobs 2023 – CM Punjab Announces

Punjab Govt Approved 25000 Educators Jobs; the Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, has announced that the Cabinet of Punjab has approved 25000 educator positions by 2023. The government of Punjab has decided to fill the Punjab School Education Department with a total of 25,000 new instructors.

Punjab Govt Approved 25000 Educators Jobs

This information was disseminated by Pervez Elahi, who posted it on his official Twitter account with the caption, “The 7th meeting of the provincial cabinet. The Punjab cabinet approved recruiting 25,000 additional teachers for the school education department. The search for twenty-five thousand new educators will get underway as quickly as humanly practicable.

The names of these teachers will be made public for each of Punjab’s 41 districts. As a result of the creation of five additional districts in Punjab, the province now has a total of 41 districts.

These positions will be designated as ESE BPS-14, SESE BPS-15, and SSE BPS-16. ESE stands for elementary school teacher, while SESE instructs elementary school students in middle school, and SSE instructs secondary school students in high school.


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A Master of Arts or Master of Science degree in a subject typically taught in schools will serve as the minimum educational requirement for all categories. There is no requirement for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education.

The Chief Minister of Punjab has also stated that recruitment for educator posts in 2023 will begin shortly. The government will finish recruitment quickly because these jobs are already behind schedule.

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