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Miss Pakistan Universal: Broadening Horizons in Pakistan’s Pageant World

by Adeel Ikram

Miss Pakistan Universal: Broadening Horizons in Pakistan’s Pageant World

2022 was a historic year in Pakistani pageantry, with the unveiling of the Miss Pakistan Universal pageant and revolutionizing industry and industry-related initiatives in Pakistan.

Miss Pakistan Universal: Broadening Horizons in Pakistan's Pageant World

The COVID-19 pandemic created unique challenges and an unprecedented pandemic. Still, one notable initiative started within it was this ground-breaking initiative to expand on and recognize the extraordinary talent among Pakistan’s women, specifically around Pakistan’s enduring Miss Pakistan World pageant, which started in 2002. starting from Ottawa, Canada, it reached Toronto before returning home and arriving in Lahore as its final stop.

Miss Pakistan World holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s longest-running pageant. Miss Pakistan Universal was created as a response to rising demands for international pageants; one title alone wasn’t enough to attract an expanding talent pool, thus opening the way for additional labels such as Miss Pakistan Global, Mrs. Pakistan Universal, and Ms. Pakistan Universe being added – greatly expanding Pakistani pageantry beyond Miss Pakistan World (with Mrs. P K W), Ms P K W and Miss P K W World respectively).

Miss Pakistan Universal pageants have become a regular annual tradition in Lahore, Pakistan, since 2022, celebrating Pakistani beauty and talent with pride. Dr. Shafaq Akhtar was honored as Miss Pakistan Universal from Lahore; then, later, Dr. Kapotaqkhy Chanchala from Karachi won this coveted crown.

Outstanding titleholders from Pakistan’s Miss Earth contest have traveled abroad, representing Pakistan in several high-profile pageants such as Miss World Tourism in Sri Lanka, Miss Elite Egypt, Miss Planet Cambodia, and Miss Aura International Turkey along with Miss Earth Vietnam – giving talented people more chances to shine worldwide! This increased Pakistan’s standing internationally in the pageantry scene and created more opportunities for high performers from Pakistan to shine at global pageants!

Sonia Ahmed holds two highly esteemed posts as Presidents for both organizations, Miss Pakistan World and Universal, where she strongly emphasizes diversifying titles within Pakistan’s rapidly developing pageantry business. Furthermore, Sonia highlights that international pageantry hosts various types of pageants yearly, from smaller scale to significant events.

Sonia Ahmed provides insight into their carefully designed strategy that equips winners to shine at the forefront on an international stage by inviting contestants from each country to participate in smaller contests, where they gain experience before qualifying for major pageants such as Miss Universe or Miss World. This process begins by encouraging contestants to compete in smaller-scale games before qualifying them to enter more prominent pageantry competitions such as international pageants.

While certain contestants might benefit from working with dedicated coaches for pageants, Sonia Ahmed openly acknowledges the fast-evolved nature of Pakistan’s pageant scene – one which they use their innovative method for successfully. More importantly, however, Sonia emphasizes the significance of having theoretical knowledge and hands-on competition experience to form their rigorous learning methodology.

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