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How To Send Original Quality Photos Videos on WhatsApp

by Adeel Ikram

How To Send Original Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

How To Send Original Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp nowadays, copying is a typical occurrence in the workplace. However, this is not the case! Remember, I’m not talking about copying assignments or quizzes, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m referring to the positive characteristics of the competition. What matters is that you are doing something to remain competitive and relevant, regardless of your business.

How To Send Original Quality Photos Videos on WhatsApp

Because of its highly volatile nature, this approach is the most widespread in the information technology business, making it a trendy choice. For example, the Stories feature on Snapchat and the short films on Tiktok have been duplicated by every other social media network.

Sending high-quality photos and videos on WhatsApp is a must.

WABetaInfo could secure a screenshot of the interface, which depicts three possible possibilities.

  • Automatic (recommended): WhatsApp automatically determines the most appropriate compression method for a particular video. After that, it will make use of the algorithm.
  • Best quality: WhatsApp will always send the most excellent possible videos. This is standard practice.
  • Data saver: When Data Saver is enabled in your Android settings, WhatsApp compresses videos before delivering them to you.


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Sending high-quality videos over WhatsApp is made simple

According to industry sources, a video-sending feature on WhatsApp may not be available for a few more weeks. If you are not a member of the WhatsApp beta programme, you may still send high-quality movies through the app. An alternative way is to distribute the film as a document file with a size limit of 100MB, which can be transmitted through email.

WhatsApp’s data and storage settings now include a feature that allows users to exchange high-quality photographs and videos with their friends and family. We already have a functionality similar to this for WhatsApp calls, which you can find here. Users who subscribe to unlimited plans can email or share high-quality films through WiFi. They can still share a compressed version of videos to save data and storage space if they are on a limited data plan, just as they can now.

Now that the feature is being developed, it might be added to the WhatsApp beta version soon and subsequently to the stable version if all goes according to plan. It will be a few weeks before we can put it to use, so please bear with us during this time. Telegram users will be allowed to exchange files up to 2GB in size beginning in July 2020.

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