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How To Draw a Volleyball

by Adeel Ikram

How To Draw a Volleyball – Step By Step Drawing Guide

A more in-depth tutorial on how to draw a volleyball can be found here:

How To Draw a Volleyball


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Step 1: Draw a Circle on the Paper

Create a large circle on your paper by drawing a circle with your pencil. The main body of the volleyball will be constructed out of this. You can use a compass to ensure your process is perfectly round or draw it freehand without one.

Step 2: Add Vertical Lines

How To Draw a Volleyball after that, you should draw two vertical lines inside the circle so that they meet in the middle. As you pull the seams of the volleyball, you can use these lines as a guide to help you out. Check that they are correctly aligned and have a consistent gap between them.

Step 3: Draw curved lines.

Drawing two curved lines connecting the circle’s top and bottom using the vertical lines as guides will complete the process. These lines ought to be smooth and evenly spaced out so that it appears like there are seams across the surface of the volleyball. You can use a ruler or some other straight edge to help guide your pencil if you are having trouble getting the curves to look how you want them to.

Step 4: Draw the Shadows

You will need to add shading if you want the volleyball to have the appearance of being three-dimensional. The first thing you need to do is determine the origin of the light. Let’s assume it’s coming from the area to the top right in this particular instance.

Make the left and bottom edges of the volleyball darker by using your pencil to shade them. How To Draw a Volleyball the further away from the lines’ light source, the darker the shading should be. Use your eraser to blend the shading to smooth transitions between light and dark areas.

Step 5: Give It Some Texture

Lastly, give the volleyball some texture by drawing a pattern of tiny triangles and squares on its surface. These are meant to represent the small bumps that give the feeling of a real volleyball a certain amount of grip.

You can use a ruler or another straight edge if you need assistance making triangles or squares the same size and spacing throughout the pattern. Be sure to give the bumps a more natural appearance by varying their size and shape in several ways.

Step 6: Refine and Finish

Take a moment to look at your drawing from a distance. Is there anything that needs to be improved upon or made more presentable? To make any necessary adjustments, please use the eraser and pencil provided. When you are satisfied with how your drawing turned out, use your pencil to retrace the lines to make them more distinct. You should be congratulated; you’ve just picked up a volleyball.

You can improve your technique through consistent practice and produce drawings of volleyballs or other more intricate and detailed objects. How To Draw a Volleyball don’t be afraid to try various styles and approaches; the most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing.

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