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How To Breed Yool

by Adeel Ikram

How To Breed Yool – Breeding Yool in My Singing Monsters and How to Do It

What is Yool, and Why Do People Breed It?

How To Breed Yool in the popular mobile game My Singing Monsters, Yool is a monster that only appears during specific times of the year. As a result of the fact that it can only be bred during the winter season, it is an extremely desirable addition to the collection of any player.

How To Breed Yool

The Yool is well-known for its low, resonant voice as well as its endearing appearance, which consists of a round, fluffy body and large ears. The following information is necessary for you to know if you intend to add Yool to your collection of monsters in any capacity.

How to Raise Yool

How To Breed Yool to breed Yool, you will first need to unlock the Cold Island habitat as well as the Air Island habitat. Because Yool is a hybrid monster, its offspring can only be produced by crossing two distinct species of monsters together. In this instance, to create a Yool, you will need to combine the genetic material of a Thumpies and a Deedge monster. This is the procedure to follow:

Step 1: you need to do is put a monster called a Thumpies on the Cold Island and a monster called a Deedge on the Air Island.

Step 2: Keep waiting until both monsters have reached level 4 before moving on.

Step 3: Confirm that there is at least one empty nesting box on each of the two islands.

Step 4: Select the Thumpies and Deedge monsters by clicking on the breeding structure and then selecting them.

Step 5: After the breeding process has been completed, which typically takes about a day, retrieve the Yool egg from the breeding structure and place it in your inventory.

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Methods for the Breeding of Yool

Although breeding Yool isn’t particularly difficult, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being successful:

How To Breed Yool check to see that both the Thumpies and the Deedge monsters are at least level 4 before proceeding. The chances of hatching a Yool egg as a result of this are increased.

Both islands should each have several breeding structures installed. This enables you to breed more monsters at the same time, which in turn increases the likelihood of you obtaining a Yool egg.

How To Breed Yool you can increase the likelihood of rare monsters appearing on each island by lighting torches on it. It is easier to produce a Yool if you have a greater number of rare monsters in your collection.


Players who want to complete their collection of My Singing Monsters monsters will find the challenge of breeding Yool to be both entertaining and rewarding. How To Breed Yool you can breed your very own Yool if you have enough patience and a good strategy, and then you can add it to your collection of wonderful and one-of-a-kind animals.

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